List your home for sale with Cherie Hinson

When listing your home for sale with Cherie you take advantage of her extensive advertising network including high-end magazines, local publications, television advertising, local mailers and more. The more your home is advertised, the more likely it is to sell. Listed below are some of Cherie's advertising methods as well as a home valuation via CMA.

> Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
A comparative market analysis will give you a good estimation of your home's current value. This link will give a brief form that you can fill out online. Cherie will then return to you an approximation of your home's current value in the real estate market. If you are interested in selling your home now and would like an even more precise estimation, contact Cherie for an appointment.

> Multi-Media Placement
Advertising is the most important ingredient for selling your home. When your home is listed for sale with Cherie it receives extensive advertising. Your home will appear in a number of high-end magazines and publications and will also appear on television in one of Cherie's running advertisments.

> Property Brochure
When you home is listed with Cherie she prepares an appealing brochure about it complete with photographs and detailed informaiton. Your property brochure will then be distributed to potential buyers.

> Mailing and Network to target clients
When your home is listed with Cherie it will get the advantage of getting distributed via Cherie's large mailing list. Cherie prepares an informational flyer with photos and information of your home and sends it to a large base of potential buyers in the area. This is a very effective way to sell your home.

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